The Book of ZZ

Read the thoughts, musings and expressive interpretations of ZZ.

NOTE: The following are thoughts, musings and expressive interpretations of one, Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe. Some have been altered grammatically to better reflect ZZ’s vision, but the essence of every statement remains. Fret not if tears begin to well up whilst reading.

“The same water that softens the potato, hardens to egg, so it’s not what the situation is, but rather what you are made of” (Twitter)

“I woke up this morning ’n’ I started to panic!! I was in a red room with no windows or doors, then I realized I was in my fans hearts!!” (Twitter)

“A hero is very different in many people’s eyes. To some small children, a teddy bear is a hero.” (WWE Tough Enough, Episode 3)

“I’m not scared to get hurt. I’ve been around a lot of things that have hurt me.” (WWEToughEnough.com intro interview)

“Li’l mosquito fly high, li’l mosquito fly low, li’l mosquito land on me, he ain’t gonna fly no mo’. to all my competitors #kingofthebayou" (Twitter)

“Ladies are like pie, when they hot they can burn you!! But when they cool down, they can be oh so sweet!!” (Twitter)

“I’ve never really been in a hot tub before, so I thought that’s what you did. … I thought you got hot in a hot tub.” (WWE Network's Tough Talk, Episode 1)

“Your heart wants to put words to it, but your imagination ran off with them words, and you have no words. And nothing beats a Louisiana sunset.” (WWEToughEnough.com interview)

“If y’all ever see me in a fight with a bear, y’all better jump in and help that bear!” (Twitter)

“Alligators, for example, are the most wonderful things. … They’re not just a thing with teeth; they’re loving mothers.” (WWEToughEnough.com interview)

“Ya know, if you listen to the wind pass through the marsh grass, you don’t need a radio because that wind has been around for decades, and if you listen really good, you can hear a song.” (WWEToughEnough.com interview)

“When a man rises to glory, his energy is magnetic. And his passion is contagious. Be a disease, infect the world.” (Twitter)

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