Tough Enough by the numbers

Check out this numerical breakdown of Tough Enough.

From more than 11,000 video submissions, five competitors remain as WWE Tough Enough approaches the home stretch. With just two weeks to go before two $250,000 contracts are awarded to WWE’s newest Superstar- and Diva-in-training, dig in to these statistics from this season of Tough Enough.

7-for-8 nominations

Daniel Bryan’s influence as a judge cannot be overstated. In seven of the eight episodes to date, the competitor that the “Yes!” Man nominated for elimination was, in fact, the competitor who ended up receiving the fewest votes from the WWE Universe. The lone exception was on Week 5, when Paige nominated Patrick, who wound up as the lowest vote-getter. That’s not to say all seven competitors were ousted from the competition, however …

2 saves (so far)

On Week 6, Bryan nominated Amanda for elimination, and though she lacked the support of the fans (receiving just 14.13% of the votes), she had the backing of judge The Miz, who used his save to keep the native of Yorktown Heights., N.Y., in the running. A week later, WWE fans agreed with Bryan’s opinion that GiGi should be eliminated, but once again The Beard’s nominee was saved by a fellow judge — this time, Paige. Now, Bryan remains the only judge with a save remaining; will he make use of it this Tuesday?

405 lbs. and 230 lbs.

Prior to the start of Tough Enough, all finalists in the preseason mini-camp were asked to fill out a questionnaire. According to the replies, 405 lbs. is the heaviest bench press among the remaining male competitors, belonging to Josh. ZZ wrote that he maxes out at 250 lbs. on the bench, while Tanner guessed he could lift 255 lbs. (“I lift trees; haven’t lifted weights in over a year,” Tanner wrote.) Two-hundred and thirty pounds, on the other hand, represents Sara Lee’s max squat. Amanda came close, answering 225 lbs.

50% say confidence rules

The WWE Tough Enough App’s second-screen experience asked the following question on July 7: “What’s the most important characteristic of a WWE Superstar?” According to exactly half of respondents, “Supreme confidence” is the answer. Twenty-nine percent of users said “a unique and memorable look” was most crucial, 12% replied “imposing strength” and 9% believed a “deep vocabulary of fighting words” is what’s most necessary to succeed in WWE.

5 times in the bottom three

Perhaps counterintuitively, the competitor who has appeared in the bottom three the most times is still in contention to win WWE Tough Enough, and she hasn’t even had to rely on a judge’s save to survive. Sara has landed on the chopping block on five separate occasions (Weeks 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8). Despite being nominated so many times, she’s avoided truly dire straits, snaring the most votes in four of those five weeks. The only time she came in second was on Week 3 when ZZ — who has been in the bottom three four times — received the most votes.


She may have never won a challenge on Tough Enough, but Sara’s popularity can’t be questioned. The girl from Hope, Mich., has the largest reach on Twitter of the remaining competitors, with roughly 34,000 followers. The next closest? ZZ, whose number of “Baby Gators” on Twitter totals more than 22,700. 

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