WWE Tough Enough Preview, Season 6, Episode 5: The Pink and Black Attacks

Witness appearances from Natalya and Big Show, as well as the fallout from Chelsea’s injury, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Week 5 of WWE Tough Enough is here, and after saying farewell to Gabi, the nine remaining competitors will have to work even harder to stave off elimination.

They will receive some help in the form of WWE Diva Natalya. The former Divas Champion and member of the legendary Hart family is the first female guest on this season of Tough Enough. Her advice may be invaluable to Amanda, Chelsea, GiGi and Sara as they compete to join her ranks in the newly revamped Divas division. What will Natalya say to the female and male hopefuls alike, as they prepare to compete in an outdoor obstacle course challenge?

Newcomer Chelsea suffered an ankle injury during the challenge, as reported by WWEToughEnough.com. While Chelsea has notable experience in several sports, she experienced the harsh reality that the injury bug can bite at the worst of times. How will this setback affect the journey of WWE Tough Enough’s newest competitor?

Patrick also had words with Mada and Josh last week following their challenge at the Orlando Improv. In a WWEToughEnough.com Digital Extra, the latter two competitors formed a pact of sorts with Tanner to take Patrick off his newfound pedestal. Will this pact take further shape this week? Also, can Sara continue to progress after saving herself from elimination with an impressive promo on Paige?

Also, Big Show announced on Raw that he will have a presence on Tough Enough, challenging Intercontinental Champion Ryback to meet him at Full Sail University. Will chaos erupt when The World’s Largest Athlete arrives? Will any of the so-called “wannabe Superstars” stand up to the giant’s fist?

At the conclusion of this week’s episode, more than one-third of the original 13 Tough Enough competitors will have been eliminated. Who will the WWE Universe deem unworthy of the final eight? Tune in tomorrow night at 8/7 C on USA Network to find out.

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