WWE Tough Enough Season 6, Episode 7 Preview: Trials of teamwork

Witness the competitors’ attempts to coexist in the Teamwork Challenge, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network.

The Miz stirred the pot in his first night on the judges’ panel by saving Amanda, resulting in Mada’s elimination. How will this surprising turn of events affect Week 7 of WWE Tough Enough?

The Prime Time Players will be “makin’ million dollar moves” as they arrive at Tough Enough. The current WWE Tag Team Champions know a lot about the necessity of teamwork for sports-entertainment success. How will they transfer that knowledge onto the competitors as they attempt the Teamwork Challenge? Will rivals be forced to coexist in the name of challenge success?

ZZ’s inability to get in shape has not cost him just yet, but the WWE Universe can expect this theme to recur until the Louisiana native makes more strides. Will the coaches continue to lose patience with ZZ, or can he take his friend Patrick’s advice and prove he deserves to be here?

On the girls’ side, Miz’s decision to keep Amanda was a controversial one, to say the least. Will this create more tension with Chelsea and Sara? Will Amanda wind up back in the bottom three, or can she reward The A-lister’s faith in her?

Seven competitors remain, but only two will be crowned Tough Enough champions at the competition’s end. As we come closer and closer to the finish line, who will the WWE Universe eliminate from that goal? Find out on WWE Tough Enough, live tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network.

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