WWE Tough Enough Season 6, Episode 8 preview: The Champ is here

With three weeks left in the competition, how will United States Champion John Cena inspire the hopefuls?

Three guys and three girls remain as WWE Tough Enough enters its home stretch. With two eliminations to go until the hotly anticipated season finale, which competitors will find new ways to make their mark?

This week, host Chris Jericho joins the crew inside the barracks and the Performance Center to impart the value of storytelling in sports-entertainment. How will the presence of one of the all-time-great ring generals benefit the competitors during the Coaches’ Challenge?

Tough Enough also features a live, in-studio visit from United States Champion John Cena, making his first WWE appearance since suffering a broken nose on Raw two weeks ago. There may be no better resource for toughness than The Champ, who insisted on continuing his match with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins despite the severity of his injury. Who will prove to follow Cena’s mantra of never giving up?

One potential Superstar whose work ethic has been questioned is ZZ, as the coaches and judges seem to have grown tired of what they see as excuses for poor cardio. Is this the week ZZ finally steps up and shows some hustle? Or is it the week he finds his way back to the bayou?

Tanner and Josh put on the best performance in last week’s in-ring challenge, receiving praise from their coaches in the process. They seemed to be on the same page throughout their trials, and the two, along with ZZ, wanting to see “the best man win.” Will the guys’ loyalty to one another be tested this week?

On the other side, there were some well-defined issues between Sara and GiGi after the former’s questionable body slam of the latter. With Paige saving GiGi to send Sara’s friend Chelsea home, and The Miz’s indecisiveness (or trickery, depending on who you ask) keeping Amanda around, is Sara all alone? Will the Hope, Mich., native and the bikini models learn to respect each other?

Speaking of saves, one remains: that of bestselling author Daniel Bryan. Will the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion use his save this week, and if so, how will it affect the competition? Save or not, who will go home as a result of not being the WWE Universe’s top choice? 

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